Real Estate Professionals = Tour Guides

My iPod is one of my most prized possessions, it isn’t just because of how cool it looks and all the fun stuff you can do with it, rather it’s because of all the information and education I’ve learned from this tiny thing I carry around in my pocket. I’ve actually never used my iPod like 99% of people do, to listen to music, in fact I’ve never downloaded a song on my iPod. I’ve downloaded hundreds of business books, marketing courses, teleseminars, conferences, self improvement and a few religious books.I consume them almost on a daily basis, in fact it’s my added bonus when i’m out for a jog or a ride around town on my bike and something I really look forward too, but this isn’t the point of my post!


As the title mentions, I was listening to Bob Proctor’s Freedom Series and on one of the lessons he asks the question why Real Estate Professionals call themselves “Real Estate Professionals”, he had a better name for them and called them more like “Home Tour Guides” or something along those lines. If you really think about it, thats what they do, they show you around a home, room by room. I wondered this same thing years back when I was looking to make my millions in Real Estate, I figured I would start by being a Realtor, learn the ropes, then start buying and selling homes, or anything else that comes with Real Estate. After talking with a few Realtors it didn’t take me too long to determine that they didn’t have any idea where to start on making money with Real Estate. The only money they were making with Real Estate was by showing the home. Since then any Real Estate millionaire i’ve met, didn’t carry the title “Real Estate Professional”.


This isn’t the only trouble I’ve had with titles before…I was a Junior at the University of Nebraska in my International Finance class. My professor had just completed teaching the concept of Currency Abitrage. I remember running the numbers through my head and thinking this was ingenious, in fact I was so excited I ran up to him after the class to discuss more in detail how to actually make money doing this. He looked at me and laughed, then said “Oh you wouldn’t really make a lot of money doing this unless you had millions of dollars to do it with, or working within a corporation who could do it.” (something along those lines). I remember thinking; wow, how could you be excited about something that you’d never actually get to experience yourself. You’re so close to the concepts, you have the game plan, you probably teach it around 6-8 times a year, and yet you’ll never make a penny doing it, only by talking about it.

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