You Are Not Entitled To A Job…

This isn’t my usual type of rant when I decide to blog every so often…Lately I’ve become extremely passionate about 2 things 1. My dream business 2. American Politics or the twisted view on how people view the American Dream! I’ve partnered with Russell Brunson to work on and have some extremely large goals with this stie. We should have it launched within the next 2-3 months. So at this point we’re beginning the hiring process and looking for some quality people to work with and be around the company as it begins to grow.


I’ve recently posted a craigslist ad with the following description:

We’re in the process of launching our website: and have fairly big plans with it. We’re looking for a part-time personal assistant to help with the following tasks:


– Blogging: Weekly writing content for the city blog section of the site (2-3/week)
– Manage City Writers: Managing other Bloggers, local guides & certain website content.
– Participation in other local Blog communities
– Manage Customer Support
– Manage entertainment/events section of the website (keep up to date with trends, events & features)
– Site Testing/Feedback
– Manage Business Reviews & business sections
– Local business sales if needed
*More or less we’ll need a jack of all trades that is capable of doing multiple tasks until we get the business fully launched.


Here are some of the requirements we’re looking for:
– Understanding on Social Media & Online Marketing
– Have a good understanding how the internet works and social communities (web 2.0)
– Ability to research and write content for our local blog
– Ability to manage and coordinate employee tasks


Here is a little more information about us:
BJ Wright: & Russell Brunson: We’ve both been working online for a number of years, Russell has already built up a multi-million dollar business and we have even bigger plans for CitySmart. So this is a perfect opportunity for someone looking for a fun and learning environment.


*Important Please Read: Rather than just sending us your resume we’d like for you to look over our website and tell us how you’re going to help us get to where our site needs to be? Why should we hire you, what added benefit are you to our team? What online background do you have, do you participate in social media, online websites, have a blog, ect? We want someone that can think for themselves and not have to have their hand held each day. Are you this person, tell us why?


You’ll notice that the very last paragraph has some specific requirements for the job applicants. The reason we did this was to more easily clean out the people who didn’t fully read our ad, and are just blanketing the internet with their resume hoping to get a job. We’re more interested in the people who are interested in us as a company and can tell us how they are going to ad value.


Immediately I recieved 10 applicants and only 1 actually responded to our ad, the other 9 did just what was explained above and sent their resume. So here was my response to all of them:

Thanks for replying to our ad, but I don’t think you’d be a good fit for our environment.


BJ Wright


Within an hour I recieved my first response:

May I ask Why?


At this point I would have replied & explained why, then asked them to re-read the post again and reply with a more direct answer as to how they are going to add value to our company. But this candidate had already failed the first test and most likely wouldn’t make it to an interview round…Within 5 minutes before getting a chance to respond here was another reply from the same person:

Oh I know why, your a biggot and have no understanding what it is like to be looking for employment. I hope karma gets you in the end, I know it will with your sites.


Ouch…I’m not really going to say much at this point, I think my point has been made. My question is with unemployment rates on the rise how do people expect to stand out to a company if they won’t show enough interest to actually read the full ad and respond accordingly? Only 1 of the 10 responded correctly.


We’re not done with the hiring process and will continue over the next few weeks to a month. haha…although at this point our efforts have been put on hold, as the person mentioned above has been flagging my craigslist ad withn 10 mintues of posting (so far 5 for 5). How do I compete with that? LOL!


If anyone is interested in working with and are here in the Treasure Valley, please contact me at: We’re always looking for quality people!

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