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With the early successes of Wright Lawn Care & Award Roofing among others, I discovered my passion for marketing small local businesses. In a short amount of time we were capable of generating a large amount of business online. With the success, I decided to expand out and too take on more clients who are seeking local business leads.



Who Do I Work With:

A lot of times I get asked what type of businesses I prefer. The clients I choose to work with are the ones that already have an existing profitable business. These owners have already shown their passion for their products and services, and managed to survive without an online presence. In adding an online marketing strategy, together we can take their business to the next level and substantially increase their bottom line.


What’s The Cost?


Every business is different, and that’s what makes this fun. I don’t have a cookie cutter business model, so every business proposal is customized to the potential of your business. Here are some of the things you can expect:


  • Up front cost: I am not interested in charity work, as I learned in the first 2 years of doing business. I learned the hard way that flat out people just don’t pay, or they take their time. Don’t ask me to work on your site, without an upfront payment.
  • Monthly Retainer: The contracts I work with are normally around 3 months. I’ll expect a retainer for these months as I continue to work on your site and gaining your reach in your local market.
  • On-Going Commission: This is where the bread & butter are. I don’t get paid until you get paid. After your site is up and gaining traffic, I no longer want you to be stuck with a bill from me. Rather we become partners and I become your #1 salesman. We’ll set up an agreement where I get paid an ongoing commission for all the business I continue to drive your way. This keeps both us motivated and progressing with the site.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


I will not accept work with a business if I do not think I can make it profitable. I guarantee my work and will continue to work on your site, until you have at least at a minimum earned your investment. I expect all my clients to be 100% satisfied with my work and will continue to work with you until we reach that point


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