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Do you own a local business or have a small website and would like to generate more leads and get better rankings in the search engines? I can help, I offer an in depth analysis of your website in addition to a 2 hour phone consultation. Basically I would lay out a road map to improve your website traffic and your online lead generation. I charge $1,000 for website reviews and if everything is implemented correctly I guarantee results or I give a full refund. Most of the projects I work on today are my own, so I try not to get too involved in the code of client websites. Your professional website review will include:


Site Analysis Report:

  1. Keyword Research:
    1. Keyword Recommendations
    2. Existing Analytics Keyword Analysis
  2. Website Technical Review:
    1. Canonical Issues
    2. URL Structures/Dynamic URL’s
    3. Spiderable Content
    4. Site Architecture
    5. Current Search Engine Saturation
  3. On-Page Optimization:
    1. Titles, Descriptions, Images
    2. Content Quality, H1 tags
    3. Keyword Use Throughout Site
  4. Competitor Analysis:
    1. Top Competitors
    2. Search Engine Saturation Analysis
    3. Link Analysis
  5. Content Development:
    1. Additional Content Creation
    2. Viral Content Creation
  6. Link Development:
    1. Current Link Analysis
    2. Link Recommendations
  7. Analytics Analysis:
    1. Analytics Audit
    2. Goal Setup
    3. Filter Setup
    4. Additional Profile Setup
  8. Usability/Design/Credibility Suggestions:
    1. Usability Analysis
    2. Recommendation To Improve Design
  9. Conversion Optimization:
    1. Website Testing Analysis
    2. Conversion Strategy Implementation

 If you would like more information, or just curious to see if I would consider working on your website fill out the form below.




$1,000 Business Website Review


*I guarantee all my work, if you’re not 100% satisfied I’ll refund your payment in full!




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