Bad Credit Resources – Quick Fix

I have a good friend who owns the site: I have been looking through the site and have a few recommendations that could improve the sites SEO and conversion rates. Below I have a listed a few of them:

1. Previously I have talked about the Xenu Tool, I ran a report on the site and received a report full of broken links. It is worth the time spent to go through and clean up all these links…as this makes your site more difficult to crawl.

2. The site has a fairly good descriptions for each individual page. But I did find 4 pages that repeat the same keywords at the beginning of the page titles. In this situation it is best to move the “Credit Card Reviews” to the end of the title and create an index page optimized for “Credit Card Reviews”, with a link to each company that is being reviewed.

3. I would recommend taking the flash image off the top of the site. I don’t feel that it adds any customer value, and definitely has no SEO value. In saying this, the site could use a little more style. Sales page type of sites are losing ground in the search engines, and are not as customer friendly. The site could use more images, just smaller ones that don’t take up a lot of space. Be sure to use relevant alt image tags for each image.

 4. I followed the link on the bottom of the page to the blog…there is some really great content on this blog. Why not add it to your home page…I would add a section that has the 2 latest post from your blog section. It adds relevant and fresh content to the home page, which can provide a lot of value to your site.

 I hope this post has been helpful to not only Bad Credit Resources, but anyone with a similar type of site.

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