Currently Working Myself Out Of A Job

I started working with Pets Best only 5 months ago, and already have started working myself out of a job. Here is the concept and why I am just not securing my employment status for too long…


As a business owner; and you’ll learn in the book E-Myth the secret to success is about creating business systems where you are not a cog in the wheel. By stepping outside of the box and molding the systemyou become more effective and you open up your time as your system grows. Eventually you’ll have more time as you’ve perfected the system and then you can go and create a new system, or as he refers to in the book “Franchise” your system. If you haven’t read the book it is a must read.


On the other hand of the table if you’re a business owner beware of the type of employee who secures his position by having thier hands tied into everything. You know that person that  the business simply wouldn’t work without. They are the employees who are working and hold the key to box. This is not the type of system you want to build yourself around.


But, as an employee or in my case a consultant, this strategy doesn’t secure yourself a job! As I am working to build a system for Pets Best, my results will stay with or without me. Let me explain this with an example. Lets say a business is currently doing 50 total sales a month and they decide to hire me and a top salesman. I will be working on increasing conversions on the company site, and the top salesman will be making sales on the phone and in person. Within 6 months we both have helped increase business sales to 100 by producing 25 more sales/month a piece. On our way to celebrate we are killed in a car crash (sorry such a sad ending)! Question who continues to provide results from beyond the grave?


So as you can see, once I start demanding that I receive a portion of the profits that I am generating in my sleep the CEO gets tired of paying me and realizes the fact that I have built a system that I could be replaced, and it won’t effect sales or our conversion rate. So the next day I come to work and am canned.


Hopefully my story helped get across the point I wanted to make. Who would fire me anyway?


This should also be a lesson for business owners…learn to fire yourself by building a system that you can easily be replaced & beware of the employees who have the key to everything.


P.S. Don’t worry about my job status, I am currently in the process of building my own business system, and can’t wait until the day that it is complete!

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