Fresh Egg Internship – Worthing England

Through my frustrations of continually seeking new knowledge pertaining to SEO, I discovered that it was difficult to determine which of the information was correct. I figured it could be one of three things:


1. It doesn’t work (Plenty of people in the forums sharing what works, with 0 experience)
2. It’s outdated information (It used to work 2 years ago)
3. It works (If it works today, and their talking about it in the forums, it won’t work tommorrow)


I am sure I am not the only one with these frustrations, it didn’t take long until I began searching for a better way. Last month I was came across a post in the SERoundtable blog mentioning an internship program being offered by Ammon Johns and Fresh Egg.

Fresh Egg SEO Internship

After telling my wife (Lani), she figured I only wanted to come because they were located in England. I knew that this was something I had to do. The things that most intrigue me about this opportunity is their process. They are working with clients every day. They are optimizing new sites each and every day. Also I figure they are working with clients that want to see results, so if they can’t prove that they have had results for the client, they are not going to be in business too long.

Well after dragging it out….i got accepted, Ammon sent me an email inviting me to come out for 2 weeks. I turned him down and told him that if I was going to travel half the way around the globe, that I wanted to spend more than 2 weeks. So I was accepted for a full month. I begin Novemember 20th and will end on December 15th.

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