How A Jack Russell Terrier Raised Our Conversions 84%

I should have mentioned this earlier, but since I rarely get around to posting more frequently, I just haven’t. For the past 2 1/2 months I have been working with Pets Best Pet Insurance located here in Boise. When I have more time I will have to share some of my thoughts going into a larger corporation than I have previously worked with. But that is for another day, for now I want to share some of our recent findings:

I came across an interesting article at Marketing Sherpa not too long ago, too bad they’ve locked the article so I couldn’t link to it even if I did find it.


Side Rant: Marketing Sherpa has some incredible weekly case studies, I highly recommend subscribing to their newsletter and keeping up with their findings. They only have the case studies open for the first 7 days and after they they close them to the public and you’ll need to be a paying customer to gain access.

The article referred to getting people to focus on your product, and increasing your conversions in the process. Take for example an image of a lady holding a product, she is facing you and her eyes are looking straight at you. As viewers of the site we are stopped dead in our tracks as we look her directly in the eye, then as we come out of the small trance we move on through the site.

Now take another image where that same lady is still holding the product, but this time she has her eyes focused on the product rather than us the viewers. We still look at the lady, but our eyes are drawn to the product, and we spend that valuable short amount of time reminding ourselves why we are on the site in the first place.

We decided to test this theory out with one of our landing pages for Pets Best  by using Google’s Website Optimizer and this is what we came up with for our 2 tests:

Version # 1
Shaggy Dog - Pets Best Insurance


Version #2
Jack Russell Terrier Increasing Pet Insurance Conversions


Both these landing pages are only used for our PPC campaigns, and it only took a short while to find a definite winner. Our conversion goal was to get people to request a free quote and here are the results:

  • Version #1 resulted in a 33% conversion rate
  • Version #2 resulted in a 66% conversion rate
  • Version #2 converted 84% more traffic than Version #1

As far as we can see there are two conclusions to this test that resulted in these astounding numbers.

  1. The Jack Russell Terrier is focused on the form & somehow pshycologically convicing people to fill out the form. (Ohh the conversations going on in people’s heads?)
  2. People can relate better to Jack Russell Terriers. They are smaller dogs, not as hairy, house pets? What are your thoughts?

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