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Ok everyone knows that building links to your website is a must, if you expect to rank in the search engines. This is the basic SEO strategy that we have always heard right? Sometimes it can get rather obnoxious… Your linking building headaches are about to become a little easier.


Simply add a “link to us” page! By building this one simple page you will save a lot of time in the future and your link building future will be very bright and simplistic. Do a search in Google for “link to us” or “add your link” any term that would relate to adding a link to your websites directory. You’ll find that there are many pages that are using this term and people do search for them to add their urls. But if you also take the next step and optimize your site for “add your link weight loss” you’ll find more targeted links for your website. You already know that more targeted links are more beneficial for your site.


So by adding this page to your site, you’ll find that people are searching for linking partners and if you set up your page correctly you’ll have them doing all the work. Have you seen these forms before:

Once the form is filled out, you simply verify that the link on their site is real and has some value, then simply approve the link to be added into your sites directory. You can do this manually or also create a system that sends out a spider and verifies that the link exists and then approves the link.


Behind the scenes is obviously a database of all your links, categories, etc., You’ll also find this back office easier to add links to your website every time, rather than having to FTP the new links. If you outsource any of your link building this will help out a ton, it’s a really simple system.


If you are interested in having this linking system for your website, but don’t know how to build it yourself, for $50 I can help out. Send me a email or private message and I’ll help get you a customized link page.


For a great example on how this page looks in your site go to:

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