Russell Brunson’s 2 Minute SEO Lesson – Blog Title Tags

As many people know I work with Russell Brunson full time, when I returned home from England right before Christmas I had a number of fixes to help our company in our SEO efforts. Here is a funny little lesson learned.

Have you ever heard of the “Coolest Guy On The Planet” Contest? If you go to Google and do a search for Coolest Guy On The Planet, at the moment Russell comes up #3.

Russell has been chasing this title for the last 6 months trying to catch Brad Fallon. The funny part of this SEO lesson comes in where Russell Actually ranks #3 for “Little Snot” as well. Only this wasn’t on purpose.

One of Russell’s latest blog posts was titled little snot, he didn’t realize that power of a simple blog title tag. With this one simple blog post he is ranking for a non-competitive keywords phrase. So what should Russell have done, instead of titling the post little snot. If you read through the post you’ll see that Willie Crawford (a well known internet marketer) called Russell a little snot. So Russell should have used a more relative title using keywords that he would actually like to get some rank from. Ex. “Internet Marketing Guru Willie Crawford Calls Russell Brunson A Little Snot“. By using this title he is getting the point across and also using relevant keywords such as 1. Internet marketing guru 2. Willie Crawford 3. Russell Brunson.

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