Web Analytics & Link Building

I have been working with Paul the last few days. He works alongside Ammon & Lee doing SEO. We walked through the analytics for the website : climbingframesuk.com. I am the type of person who really enjoys analytics, so this was really fun for me. One thing I wanted to point out; It is important to keep your stats on a monthly basis. I know many people look at their stats maybe a few times, but never take the time to really analyze what has been going on in their business.


If you are keeping your monthly stats you soon begin to see if your efforts are paying off or not. How else would you know if your linking campaign for the last 6 months was effective if you never took the time to track your backlinks? Some of your efforts will have a higher return, its important to find out which ones they are.


  • Website Analytics, What Needs To Be Tracked- Your analytics program provides way too much info, what are the 8 things you must track?
  • What are the tools available to track your analytics?


After going through the analytics for the site, Paul & I went back to work building links. Lee had noticed that one of the sites had a small drop in the SERP’s and after analyzing the site for 15 minutes, concluded that nothing was wrong within the site or its layout. It strictly came down to needing more links.

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