4 Changes For Your PPC Campaigns!

The majority of my first day was spent looking through the DressNImpress PPC Adword campaigns. Going through the account we immediately noticed that the client was spending a lot of money on PPC and not making sales. Here are the main findings that we thought could improve their conversation rates:


  1. The campaigns were focused on very general keywords rather than breaking them down to long tail keywords (3-4 keyword phrases), or individual products. Its important to find more exact key phrases for the customers.
  2. The titles of the campaigns were not always using the keyword that they were being bid on. If the person searches for a certain keyword, chances are they are looking for that exact keyword, and are more likely to click on the ad with that exact wording.
  3. Capitalize the first letter of each word throughout the ad.
  4. Make sure that the ads were going to a landing page for that keyword and not just to the home page of the website.


After finishing up the project I sent off an email to the client with all my notes, and then uploaded all my notes to Fresh Eggs ETM- (Fresh Egg’s- Content Managment System) For each and every client they have a section to upload notes, and keep track of the time spent on the websites. The clients have full access to see all the work that was done on their website and the time that is spent. I will go into more detail later on how SEM companies manage their clients website…once I have a little more experience with them.

To finish off my first day Lee asked me to make a post on their blog, both introducing myself to the readers and then explaining what it was I was hoping to learn here working with Fresh Egg. You can read my full post here:

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