Brighton – The Gay Capital Of Europe

After an awkward night, I got up and went straight to breakfast. Breakfast was down in the basement, I am staying on the second floor. Supposedly I have a suite, I don’t believe it though. I think it is just a suite, because I have a bathroom, with a shower, which isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I do have a window that looks out towards the English Channel though. The window must be ancient because I hear everything that goes on outside and the wind was blowing inside the room all night.

I have heard now 3 different times that Brighton is the Gay capitol of Europe. I have seen a lot of them around, and have received a few stares. Today I probably walked 10 miles, after breakfast I went out to see what Brighton had to offer. It took me a while but I eventually found my way to a mall, with a Borders. There I found some books on Brighton, with all the tourist attractions. So I decided I would see all of them within a 20 block radius. Most of my trek was through some small streets with all sorts of different shops. They were pretty cool, although not too many caught my eye. Although I am not sure what I would have been looking for, I was mostly wasting the day away rather than shopping. I did get to see the Royal Pavilion. This was a house built by King George IV in 1923 when he was a prince and a play boy. Today the city owns it, and it is open for a fee. I also went and saw two different churches, if I can recall I think one of them is the tallest church in all of England?? Inside was an ugly site, the church had a ton of water damage. You would think that they would take better care of their churches.

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