The effects of jet lag and lack of sleep

Wow what a day! I finally made it into my hostel and got a little shut eye. I arrived at the Gatwick airport around 10am. From there I purchased a train ticket to go to Worthing. Once I arrived I walked all over town first trying to find or purchase a map, then to find a place to exchange currency. The pound is double what the dollar goes for, this is going to be a pretty expensive trip. I just finished mapping out my budget sheet, so that I can track all my expenses, in order to not arrive home with a lot more bills than expected.

My plan was to just show up at the Fresh Egg office, say hello and then head to my hostel here in Brighton, which is about 15 miles East of Worthing. Once I got there I met Rebecca Kelley from Seattle, Washington. She works for SeoMoz and is here finishing up her two week internship. She’ll be heading home tomorrow. It was fun talking with her about her experience here; she was just excited to speak to another American.

The Fresh Egg team invited me to stay for a bit and listen to their podcast. The podcast was on links and their importance, you’ll find the podcast on the fresh egg website:


Fresh Egg Podcast

To be quite honest, with the 24 hour trip, lack of sleep and the jet lag, it really began to hit me during the podcast, I felt like I was going to fall out of my chair onto the floor. So I did listen to a few things, but my mind wasn’t exactly there at the moment.

After the podcast I was invited to stay longer and after work they were all going out for the night. It really was tempting but I didn’t think I would make it through the night without passing out. So I turned them down, which I wish I wouldn’t have, but for my health sake I needed too.

So here I am, I checked into my room at around 4 and everything has been a blur ever since. I fell asleep for a good few hours. When I woke up I was expecting to see the sun coming up and realized that the night had just begun.

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