Google’s Website Optimizer – Now Open To The Public

Google has finally released Web Optimizer to the public:

I have been using the beta version of this tool over the last 2 months and have absolutely loved every bit of it. Before optimizers release I used to use a system called Kaizentrack. It was a paid split tester and so complicated that after using it for a short time, I still couldn’t figured out if we had installed it correctly and it was difficult to read the results. Every time I wanted to see my conversion rates I had to pull out my calculator and do some number crunching. This was a pain in the butt!

Thank you Goolge for making your system very easy to install, and the conversion rates are so easily laid out, that I know exactly which split test was champ within the first 5 seconds at staring at them. Here is a screen shot to show you how simple the set up is:

Here are some sample reports to show you how easy they are to understand:

This type of split testing is so powerful, if you constantly have content/images/layout that you are split testing the only thing you can do is improve your bottom line. This is a free service and anyone that is not currently using it for their websites are crazy. By the way they also have some helpful tips to help set up your campaigns:

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