Month #1 – Stepping Out On My Own!

This last month I stepped out on my own and started doing SEO full time. With the job that I previously had I was always being dragged into doing projects that I didn’t necessarily enjoy, and it took away time that I would have rather spend studying or actually doing SEO. The main purpose of me stepping out on my own was the opportunity to build my own business, and not have anyone to blame but myself at the end of the day. I have always had a hard time working for someone else, and look forward to a bright future in SEO. At the moment I have a few clients, but mostly spend my time working on my personal projects/sites.

As month 1 comes to a close, do I regret it? Absolutely not! I have had more free time then ever before, I’ve spent more time with Lani (my wife) & even started working out again. By the end of the month I was proud to show Lani that I had put more money in the bank than the previous months with a “Stable” job, and after a days work I didn’t return home stressed from work.

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