How do you take your Page Saturation from 301-5,500?

I began working on another linking strategy for Belgravia Centre. Lee walked me through the site, today out of the available 5,500 pages, 301 pages are indexed. Most of them have similar content, so Lee mapped out his plan on how he plans to get most of the pages indexed. He also showed me a previous website that was suffering from the same filter, and how today they have over 4,400 pages indexed in Google.


  • Web Page Saturation- First make sure that all your pages are indexed in Google, 2nd build onto your website and add more to the indexed pages within Google.
  • Why having all your pages indexed is important- Empowering your site from within your site.
  • How healthy is your site- Using tools such as Xenu to check the flow of your site. Do you have any broken links, missing pages, redirect errors, etc. The proper internal linking structure is like the blood flowing through your body, if there is a clot your in trouble.
  • Setting up competitions on your site- Lee showed me a client website where they set up a monthly competition, with great results. Competitions are beneficial for traffic and for building you customer database. You can submit your competitions to websites such as Loquax to get the word out quickly.

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