Xenu – Free Tool

Xenu is a free tool, as far as Lee is concerned it is a must have. He probably uses this tool a minimum of 5 times a day. The features that Fresh egg uses are listed below:


  • Checks the health of your site- finds any broken links, missing pages & redirecting errors.
  • Checks both internal links and external
  • Gives you a layout of all your pages titles within your site- it is a great way to see how all your titles compare to each other. If they are repeating themselves, change them.
  • Shows you how many pages you have on your site- You can compare this with Google to verify if all your pages are being indexed.


The tool is really helpful when you are adding new pages to your site. It helps to find any problems that you have. For anyone that builds websites I am sure you can see the power in this tool. You can download it here:


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