Keyword Density, Website Analysis, & Google Image Search

I am a little late getting to my blog tonight. I have been up talking with the couple that I am staying with here in Worthing. We have been discussing a lot of the major differences between the UK and the US. I have actually found a lot of differences, many of them are quite funny. One of these days, when its not so late I’ll have to write up a number of them. But for now here is what happened today.


Today was another fun day, especially because I got to look into more website statistics. In my first week here I set up a Google Analytics account for and today I got to dig through all the stats. After showing Lee all the cool little bells and whistles of Analytics, I converted him to the system. This wasn’t something I intentionally planned to do, but nonetheless he was excited about the stats we were seeing in Googles system.


  • Does keyword density matter in your site- In writing content for you site, does it matter how many times you use the main keyphrase in the body of your copy? Lee showed me some #1 ranked sites and their results.
  • Wineware Site Analysis- After 6 hours of digging through the statistics, I created a report over 3 pages long of my findings and the plans to improve the sight. My eyes were really opened on this site, I saw a lot of great statistics and a number of things that we could change on the site. One of the main findings was that a lot of the prime real estate in the page was being wasted, so the site is going to go through a little restructuring.
  • Image Search- Are your images on your website being monetized? Lee & I dug into Google image search today and discussed ways on how to monetize your images on your website. What needs to be done for your websites images?

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