Merry Christmas

As Christmas is right around the corner and I am re-packing my bags to head home for the holidays. I’ve looked back over the last year and all the great things that I have learned in the SEO industry. I want to write about 1 thing that I am grateful for and that is “guidance”.

I feel that I have been extremely lucky to have the mentors and coaches that I do. I often wonder if it is just by luck or I have had to go out of my daily routine to seek them out.

My first mentor (other than family members or parents) was Judd Norman: He is not in the internet marketing realm, he isn’t one you would call an expert with computers. I met him almost 4 years ago as I was attending college at the University of Nebraska. He was a friend of my wrestling coach, Mark Manning. When I first met him I was intrigued with the way that he presented himself, he was confident and lived a successful business life as Stock Broker. He took me under his wing and introduced me to many successful business people, and opened up a lot of new business concepts to me.

Russell Brunson: Russ would be the second mentor/coach that I would give credit too. He is the person that introduced me to the internet marketing industry. I moved out to Boise, Idaho January of last year and have worked side by side with him ever since. Everything that I have learned up to this point with marketing online has been a direct result of him. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with him.

Lee Colbran, Ammon Johns & Fresh Egg: This last month in England I feel that I learned more with the SEO and Analytics of the websites, than I have my entire last year. The opportunity to work directly with them and too see results with client websites was very valuable.

These mentors have been priceless to me, but I wanted to point out one thing. Not one of them landed in my lap. Judd, I had to approach and ask for an intership with Smith Barney as a Finance major in college. Russell, I had to drive through 4 states to move to work with him. With Fresh Egg you already know, I flew across the world to spend 1 month with them working for free. I have had to seek out each one, my point being if you want something bad enough, sometimes you have to reach out and grab it.

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!

BJ Wright

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