Home Again

Well I finally made it home this week. After another long day of traveling I am once again back home. It’s nice to be home again, but every bit of my trip was worth it. I really learned a lot and want to thank the Fresh Egg team for the opportunity to work with them, especially Lee and Ammon for the many ideas and SEO concepts they opened up to me.
My last day in the office I sat down with Adam and Lee (owners of Fresh Egg), and discussed my internship to find out if there was any other questions that I felt went unanswered. One of the greatest parts of working with them for this month period of time, was the friendship that was built. The communication lines are open in both directions. I look forward to continue working with them, on future projects.

My last week in England my mother and sister came out to visit me and travel around England. I was without the internet for my last few nights. I do plan on continue with this blog, sharing my notes from my internship, and my continuous progress with Search Engine Optimization tactics.

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