How Much Html Do You Need To Know For SEO?

Last night was my first comfortable night, I am finally in a nice B&B (Bed and Breakfast) I got started a little late out the door this morning, Sandy was cooking breakfast and I figured I had better stay and eat a good warm meal to start the day off right. After my 4th night here in England, I think I have figured out their favorite breakfast course. Over easy egg (barely cooked), sausage, baked beans, canadian bacon, tomato, and toast (English Breakfast). This has been the same meal 4 days straight, I wonder if I can ask for something different in the morning, and I am not planning on having cereal.


Well I took a beating today when work started off. Around 1 ½ months ago I came across a thread on the search engine watch forum called “How much HTML does an SEO need to know?”


I have been studying SEO now for close to six months, and hadn’t really spent much time learning the basics of html. After reading over this post and putting some thought into it I knew that if I wanted to really be good at SEO I really needed to take a number of months and get my hands dirty in HTML and CSS. I definitely knew I needed to add this to my bag of tricks. At this time I had already been accepted into the SEO Internship program with Fresh Egg and this really got me worrying about how they were going to react when they find out I didn’t know html. The last few weeks I really began looking over the basics of html and learning how to read html.

Lee brought out the importance in having a base in HTML, CSS, and web design. These are the foundation to which a site stands on, without a good amount of knowledge of these how is it possible to be able to look at a code and tell if it is good coding or not. Also, if you ever need to make a change on your site, you can’t do it without having someone else have to dive in and change it for you. You don’t necessarily have to create the site start to finish, but it is important to have a well rounded knowledge.


This has been a huge stumbling block for me to really excel in SEO, It is going to be a major focus of mine once I get back home. I feel that I would learn better in the classroom than trying to study it out of a book, so that might be the course I take. How about you, how do you feel would be the best way to learn html? CSS is also a biggy. By using CSS you are allowing the spiders to crawl your site easier, they are more capable of finding the content on your page that you want to be ranked for.

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