Google Analytics, The Google Game, & Automated Tools

The learning process never slows down, every day I am learning more content than I can handle. I have managed to make an outline of my notes, you’ll see the list below:


  • Google Analytics – Are you handing a key to the heart of your business to Google? Ammon goes into detail why he doesn’t use Google attractive tool!
  • Why Analytics can hurt your business– Which markets is your business in and can Analytics hurt you in the long haul?
  • Simplicities of Adsense Arbitrage– Does arbitrage still work today? How easy is it, and will it be for long?
  • Correlation with Organic Ranking’s & PPC– Is your organic ranking affected by your PPC campaigns? To be honest I was shocked with Ammon’s answer.
  • Keyword Analysis– This is the sweat equity they were talking about, if you get this wrong your business will suffer.
  • Automated Tools– Why they are hurting your business, more than helping.
  • Market Uniqueness– Does your business stick out of a crowd? What are you currently doing to overcome marketing blindness.

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