Website Analysis, Web Analytics, and PPC Campaigns!

Wow, as I sit down every night and browse my notes, I realize that I have a lot of great content to be writing about. I realize how valuable of an opportunity this really is. Ammon & Lee have continued to amaze me with their knowledge in this industry and all around. Ammon was telling me yesterday that he has a semi photographic memory. Now wouldn’t that be valuable? I believe I am just the opposite; I struggle remembering what my wife tells me 5 minutes ago.


  • National Guarantee Web Analytics– We went through the National Guarantee website, and evaluated the 6 step conversion process for this business model.
  • National Guarantee Improvements– Fresh Egg had already made some changes within the website, Ammon went through and showed me what they had changed and why.
  • 95% of SEO Companies don’t have a clue whats going on!– Ammon opened up my eyes to the industry, and why it is still in its early stages of development.
  • Dress-N-Impress PPC Campaign Improvements– We saw immediate results with the changes that were made. Lowered Google clicks and increased sales.
  • When a #7 PPC Ranking is Ideal– This one shocked me, why would you want to be 6 spots behind your competitors?

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