The Best Things In Life Are (Working For) Free!

1 week down and 3 more to go, if I had only been here for this 1 week this trip would have been worth every penny of it. A friend of mine emailed me this week and asked how things were going. As I started to reply to him I realized how valuable of an opportunity this really was. They say the best things in life are free, this, I have to come to believe. Even if it means you are working for free. I’ve paid thousands of dollars for mastermind groups and training courses and books. But the most valuable knowledge has come from working in the office of Russell Brunson. It is the direct experience that really teaches you how to do things. The knowledge I have gained thus far, someone could throw it into a $5,000 training course with teleseminars, blogs, forums and bonuses. But after it’s all said and done…it is the direct experience with real clients where you learn how it’s done. How many times have you heard the same marketing concepts, yet still haven’t applied them to your business? I am guilty 9 out of 10 times, and why is this? It is because we haven’t experienced it, we haven’t seen REAL results. It isn’t until that point that we become a true believer.


I guess my point in this small little rant is this, Stop running out and purchasing the next big training course. Stick with what you know, and gain all the experience in that area until you’ve applied all the marketing tactics and have real results. Build yourself your own mastermind group, within these small networks is where the real knowledge is at. If 1 person of the 10 people learns something new, they share it with the rest of the group.


Today’s outline for notes is based on 1 site: RibsForSale


  • Site Restructure– I only have 1 topic in my outline today and that is the RibsForSale website. I watched as Lee took on this new client website and literally tore it apart. When it was all said and done, there were 13 changes we made on the site.

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