Day Of Directory Submissions!

The majority of my day today was spent submitting a website to certain directories. I originally thought the process of submitting the website was long. Today I spent most of my time just preparing to submit the websites:


Directory Submissions

  • Which directories are worth the effort?- Believe me, there are plenty of useless directories out there, that are not worth your time.
  • How to find more directories that are effective in your niche?- One simple strategy that will save you loads of time, searching for new directories that aren’t effective.
  • Should I pay to submit my website to a directory?- Are paid directories really better? What makes them any different from any other directory?
  • Should I outsource my directory submission?- Is this another thing that can be outsourced?
  • What is the single most important thing to know when submitting to the directories?- Spending the right amount of time on this 1 thing will drastically improve your rankings and traffic.
  • If you only submit to 1 paid directory which one would it be?- Lee pointed out to me his favorite directory, he actually has sites that have over 80 links within this one directory.
  • How to set yourself apart from the other websites within the same directory- What makes your business any different than anyone else?
  • Does the age of your site have anything to do with you rankings? Does Google, Yahoo, & MSN take into consideration the age of your website?


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