Link Building Strategy – What’s Effective Today?

Over the last few years there have been a number of different linking strategies that have come and gone. Some of those that used to be very effective are actually frowned upon today. Are you still building links that are actually hurting your site rather than helping it?


  • Is your current linking strategy working?- How to check your links and find the ones that are building your business.
  • What type of links should you be building?- Are all links created equal?
  • Is reciprocal linking still effective?- Is contacting webmasters and swapping links, still as effective as it used to be? When and how is this effective for your business?
  • An understanding into the market of buying links?- Should you be buying links on other peoples websites? When should you or how?
  • An on-site tactic to get webmaster to link to you, and do all the work

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