Top 3 Reasons Business Fail At PPC!

I once heard the stat, but can’t recall where it was; More than 50% of the companies doing PPC are losing money. I really wish I could remember where that was. It is ridiculous to see how many throw away money every day, and never spend the time to figure out how to manage a simple Adwords campaign. I have to admit that it is not the easiest game, but if you are throwing money into it, you had better figure out how to play.


A client here had recieved over 900 clicks within their Adwords campaign, but in the end only had 2 sales. I do not know how much this particular client was spending per click. Lets imagine that on average it was 0.25 a click, that equals $225 spent to earn maybe at most $20 per sale. It doesn’t take long until a company like this runs out of money, and out of PPC. Sadly, most companies are just like this, some have really big budgets that are being thrown away every day. Ammon shared with me the top 3 reasons he believes companies fail at PPC:


1. They are targeting too broad of a phrase– I did a search for DVD and this is what came up: why are they paying for this ad? If you click on the site this is what you get:


Now you tell me, when you search for dvds is this your first thought? But yet they are still paying for this click.


2. Not using Qualifying terms within the ads- Its important to qualify your potential customers before having them walk in your store. If your company only sales female clothing and doesn’t carry the male version of that brand, then make sure you state in your ad that you only sale female clothing. Eliminate the possibility of paying to have males clicking on your ad, arriving on your site and then leaving to search for more sites. Ammon put it this way, you are paying those type of customers for a bad experience on your site. You don’t provide them with what they are searching for and are otherwise wasting their time and your money.


3. Are you on the same page as your customers?- Do you really know what your customers want? Do you know their buying habits once they land on your site. This isn’t rocket science but so many companies struggle really understanding their customers. If you don’t know what your customers are searching for then ask them, study their movements around your sites. Find the hot trends in your market and provide them to your clients.

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