Linkbaiting 101

Before arriving here I have been hearing the term “Linkbait” quite a bit, but never really understood what it was or how marketers were using it for the businesses. Today Lee gave a pretty good introduction to LinkBait, and later on next week I will be managing my own linkbait campaign. This should be a lot of fun.


  • Linkbaiting 101- Lee introduces me into a whole new linking strategy! He shows me a real life example for Amara.
  • How effective is linkbaiting?- Will linkbaiting be around for a while?
  • 1 simplistic idea = boat load of links- If you get this right, you could end up with hundreds of free links.
  • Tracking your linkbaiting’s success?- Follow your successful campaigns, for better future results.
  • Is bad publicity bad for your business?- Does all publicity have to be good for your website?

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